nacgenX™ Diagnostics was founded to conceive, develop, and commercialize high-quality tools for the non-invasive diagnosis and detection of diseases based on non-invasive specimens, particularly saliva or oral fluid. The Company’s technologies address the three main segments of the in vitro diagnostics [IVD] marketplace: molecular diagnostics [including DNA and, RNA], or nucleic acid testing [NAT], point of care [POC] testing and testing performed in the laboratory.

At nacgenX™ Diagnostics, we believe the ability to use non-invasive and cost effective solutions for sample collection offers up multiple advantages over more invasive technologies that utilize blood, tissue, cerebrospinal fluid and others and has set about developing a portfolio of proprietary and patented devices with multiple applications in public health, testing for drugs of abuse, general wellness and others.

As a Company, we understand that early detection of many diseases is a primary factor in reducing mortality as well as pain and suffering for patients and we firmly believe that simple, pain-free, and cost effective sample collection is a very important component in reaching difficult populations and in ensuring greater compliance in sample acquisition. Our simple to use devices for standardized saliva collection, point-of-care diagnosis and molecular diagnostic testing provide pain-free, cost effective solutions for multiple applications and many of our global customers.

nacgenX™ Diagnostics is a global company targeting both domestic and international markets for its innovative saliva collection and testing portfolio. nacgenX™ Diagnostics products can be found here.